We, Jeremy Faucette and Shad Crowther, were born and raised in a small town in Southern Colorado in the San Luis Valley. Growing up as cousins, as well as best friends, our memories include enjoying all the freedom and exploration that living on a farm and ranch provides.  We are both 5th generation farmers and ranchers who are very passionate about the agricultural industry. Each of us is proud to continue to individually operate our own family’s farm and ranch. Ensuring this heritage and legacy can be passed down to our children is crucial. The intent to instill the values of hard work, patience, determination, and persistence in our children is prominent in our everyday lives.


Being proud of the cattle we raise, we found ourselves questioning the meats available to consumers in our markets as well as pricing based off of the quality being offered. We realized we could share what we raise and provide top quality meat that is worth every penny spent.  The dream of building a business together became a reality when we established Cattle Mountain Meats in 2022. 


Our Angus cattle, bred for quality and gentle temperament, are born and raised on our ranches.  Calves are born on open pastures in the spring.  During the summer, our cow-calf pairs live in the high mountain ranges where they have abundant grass, space and water. We raise our cattle naturally, without any growth hormones, antibiotics or steroids. 


Our farms produce high quality grass and alfalfa hay.  Our herds are raised on a nutrient rich forage diet without grains.  We utilize rotational grazing on our farmland at the end of the harvest season. All of our cattle are grass-fed and grass-finished! Producing high quality, natural beef is a priority! We are proud to be your trusted source for quality grass-fed, grass-finished beef you can feel confident in feeding to your family! 

“Providing you with the highest quality of meats possible, from our family to yours.”


 Introducing the Family


The Faucette Family

Jeremy and his wife Melissa are the owners of Cattle Mountain Ranch, where they provide top quality angus bulls for breeding, as well as farm alfalfa, wheat, and barley on an all certified organic farm.  They, along with their four children, truly love the farming and ranching way of life!

Jeremy is a 5th generation farmer and rancher.  He spent many years helping his parents (David Faucette Farms) and grew to love the business. Not only was he hard working on the farm, but he was also hard working in sports during his high school years. At the age of 19, he served a 2-year mission for his church. These experiences helped him gain the confidence to be a leader, and he continues to use that confidence in his daily work. After returning home from his mission, he married his sweetheart, Melissa, and continued with his education, graduating from Adams State College with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management. Jeremy has used this degree to help build his business into what it is today.

Melissa is the oldest child in her family and has always shown great responsibility in helping raise her younger sisters. Like Jeremy, she was involved in sports and other activities and continues to strive for the top in everything she does. Not only is she a stay-at-home mom, raising children in an always changing world, she also coaches high school volleyball. In between all those obligations, she is busy helping Jeremy run the farm and ranch.  Melissa oversees the ordering, shipping and bookkeeping for Cattle Mountain Meats.




The Crowther Family


Shad and Brianna Crowther operate the Crowther Ranch that was established around 1910.  For over 100 years their operation has worked hard to build and maintain the farm and ranch based on principles of preservation, conservation, sustainability and responsible animal husbandry.  They have continued to incorporate the best advances in land and herd management that support their core values and beliefs.  Shad and Brianna have four children and enjoy sharing their love of this industry with them!  

Shad is a 5th generation farmer and rancher who continues to operate the Crowther Ranch. He is very loyal to this way of life and family legacy. Shad has always worked on the farm and ranch with the exception of a two year mission for his church at age 19. He comes from a long line of rodeo cowboys and enjoyed rodeo, 4H, sports and other activities in school.   

Brianna was born and raised on her family’s ranch, Dunn Ranches. She is part of the 5th generation and quickly learned the value of hard work. Her favorite memories are working alongside her parents and siblings irrigating, bucking bales, working cows and tractor work. She is fortunate to be a stay-at-home mom and enjoys being in the tractor and helping with the cattle, especially horseback in the mountain ranges during the summertime. Brianna oversees the marketing and advertising for Cattle Mountain Meats.