Is your beef grass-fed and grass-finished?

At Cattle Mountain Meats we pride ourselves in feeding grass from birth throughout the entire life of the animal. Our cattle graze native grass from our pastures and mountain ranges during the growing season. During the winter months they are supplemented with high quality hay straight from our farms!


Are your cattle raised in a feedlot?

Our cattle spend their lives on pasture. They are never raised in a feedlot.


Do you feed your cattle antibiotics or hormones?

We do not give our cattle any antibiotics, hormones, or steroids!


How much freezer space will I need?

1/8 Beef - approximately 2.5 cubic ft. of freezer space.

1/4 Beef - approximately 5 cubic ft. of freezer space.

1/2 Beef - approximately 10 cubic ft. of freezer space.

Whole Beef - approximately 20 cubic ft. of freezer space.


Is your beef dry-aged?

Yes! Cattle Mountain Meats relies on the expertise of our butchers to determine the amount of dry aging. This is dependent on the size and characteristics of each beef. Each beef is unique, and this is not a "one size fits all" process. Typically, it is 14-21 days.


What can I expect in each beef package?

You will receive a variety of our delicious cuts. It will include our lean ground beef - 90/10, a variety of steaks, as well as roast options.


Do you ship?

Yes, we ship to the lower 48 states!


When will my order be shipped?

To guarantee our two-day shipping, we ship orders on Mondays and Tuesdays. Our cut-off time for orders is Sunday at 11:59 PM MST. We will remain in contact with you through every step.


How do you ship your beef frozen?

Our grass-fed beef is shipped frozen, in an insulated box with cold packs and/or dry ice.


What do I do if my meat is not completely frozen on delivery?

USDA regulations state that meat staying below 40 degrees in temperature is safe to consume 3 to 5 days thawed in a refrigerator. We understand that making the decision can be stressful. Our meat is shipped frozen solid and we try to take every measure possible to ensure it gets to you that way. If you have concerns with your product please don't hesitate to reach out to us!

Have any specific questions?

Email info@cattlemountainmeats.com