March 24, 2023

March 24, 2023



Our large freezer has been delivered. We have several dates reserved with the butcher and can't wait to fill it!


Providing you with the highest quality of meats possible, from our family to yours!




With no added fat, our ground beef is lean and ready to use in all your favorite recipes! Our cattle are 100% grass-fed. From birth to processing, they are only fed what nature provides. We are proud to raise our cattle naturally, without any growth hormones, antibiotics or steroids! We have 40 LB, 20 LB and 10 LB hamburger package options available. Don't hesitate! We have a limited quantity available and will sell out!


Life On The Farm: We have been busy enjoying our weeklong Spring Break from school! Nothing beats having our ranch hands spend the days with us. The weather is warming up and we couldn't be more excited! We took a couple days off from the ranch and went to the zoo. The giraffes were a family favorite!

Order & Shipping Update: Orders will be shipped out next Monday and Tuesday. We utilize 2-day shipping and all orders ship directly to your door for FREE! Order today to ensure your delivery by the end of next week!

Product Spotlight: The amount of beef that is 100% grass-fed and grass-finished is less than 5% of the TOTAL beef supply in the United States. We are offering YOU a premium product. The demand for grass-fed, grass-finished beef has never been greater! We stand behind all of our products and guarantee your satisfaction.

In just over two weeks we will pick up our three beef from the butcher. Now is a great time to think about filling your freezer with a premium product that CANNOT be purchased in most grocery stores.

WARNING: If we share an offer here, it tends to sell out quickly. This newsletter is sent out to hundreds of our best customers and supply is limited. 

Recommendations: When you purchase a whole or half beef, you have the option to customize the animal exactly how you would like it processed. This includes dry time, cuts, etc. 


Appreciation: What makes our beef unique? We have meat products that quite simply cannot be purchased in a store. Beef from our pasture to butcher to you and nowhere in-between! We pride ourselves on well marbled steaks, nutrient rich cuts, and flavor in every bite that truly will elevate your taste! We appreciate our customers and are grateful for the opportunity to provide quality beef straight to your table!

"It isn't the farm that makes the farmer - it's the love, hard work and character." - Unknown

We look forward to connecting with each of you! Please, never hesitate to reply if you have any questions!


Jeremy Faucette
Shad Crowther
Cattle Mountain Meats

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