April 14, 2023

April 14, 2023




Providing you with the highest quality of meats possible, from our family to yours!



Shipping for bulk beef will start the end of the month!




Life On The Farm: Our farms are located in Southern Colorado in the beautiful San Luis Valley. The valley covers nearly 8,000 square miles and is considered the largest alpine valley in the world.

The San Luis Valley is bordered by the Sangre de Cristo mountains to the east, the Saguache mountains to the north, the San Juan Mountains to the west and the Rio Grande Valley of Northern New Mexico to the south.

We receive an average rainfall of below ten inches. Snow in our mountain ranges is vital to our agricultural economy! As we depend on the snowmelt from our mountain ranges, water is the most precious resource in the valley. Snowfall in the mountain ranges allows flowing rivers for summer irrigation. We have been blessed with an abundance of snow in the mountains this year! Below you will see one of our summer cabins in New Mexico that we call "cow camp" almost completely covered! (Yes, that is a snowmobile on top!)

Irrigation season has officially begun and we will be busy making sure all our crops get water! 

Order & Shipping Update: Our "Fill Your Freezer - Spring Event" is still live.  The deadline to order is May 15th! 

We are continuing to ship ground beef and our popular sampler package each Monday and Tuesday. Order today (Friday) to ensure your delivery by the end of next week! Bulk beef orders will be shipped the end of April.

We utilize 2-day shipping and all orders ship directly to your door for FREE! Meat is leaving our freezer fast - order today!


Product Spotlight: We dropped off more cows to the butcher on Wednesday. While we were there the USDA inspectors were on site, so we watched their inspections. They look for signs of disease or any condition that would render the whole beef or any part unfit for human consumption. They are incredibly thorough and particular! Because we raise our cattle from birth to processing the USDA inspection is never worrisome. We know exactly what our cows ate, how they lived and were treated, and how they are processed and then shipped!

Now is a great time to think about filling your freezer with premium products that CANNOT be purchased in most grocery stores. We stand behind our products. Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality of meats possible, from our family to yours!

WARNING: If we share an offer here, it tends to sell out quickly. This newsletter is sent out to hundreds of our best customers and supply is limited. 

Recommendations: When you purchase a half or whole beef, you have the option to customize the animal exactly how you would like it processed. This includes dry time, cuts, etc. Please don't wait to place your order! Fill your freezer now! If you are interested, contact us and we will send you a cut sheet with all the different options. Our butcher does an excellent job!


Appreciation: We are proud to be part of the 2% that feeds the entire nation and other parts of the world! The demand for clean, grass-finished beef has never been greater. The hunt for high-quality meat stops right here! We appreciate our customers and thank you for being part of the Cattle Mountain Meats family!

"Our food system belongs in the hands of many family farmers, not under the control of a handful of corporations." - Willie Nelson

We look forward to connecting with each of you! Please, never hesitate to reply if you have any questions!


Jeremy Faucette
Shad Crowther
Cattle Mountain Meats

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